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2020 WINNER!

Bleed Through

IBPA Benjamin
Franklin Awards

Mystery & Thriller

FREE prequels to both Copperhead Road and the Alex Greco Series
"A disturbing but intelligently crafted crime drama."
Among The Dead, Book 1, ADA Alex Greco Series
New York Times Bestselling
Author of Blue Blood
"An engaging and talented writer, Roger Canaff pens crime thrillers with an authenticity born of years of work in the field. He knows his subject and delivers with sincerity and truth."
Stephen King once dedicated a novel to his children with the words “Kids, fiction is the truth inside the lie.” That beautiful sentiment has resonated with me throughout my writing career. I’m a former prosecutor and current consultant and legal expert on special victims issues. I write about the truths I know best in the form of fiction, aka, the truth inside the lie. I hope you'll enjoy these books; I've crafted each to shed different light on the human truths we all struggle to bear.

ADA Alex Greco Series 

BOOKS 1 & 2


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